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Toyota is one of the most reliable, top-selling vehicles today. Second Chance Auto, the Toyota dealership in St. George, offers a vast collection. Credit is never a concern, as they work to get you into your chosen vehicle. Learn more by reading below!

How to Find the Best Value Pre-Owned Toyota

Toyota holds the best resale value on the market, and pre-owned vehicles are as reliable as new cars on the road. They are built to last and are traded in, not because they are problematic - but because drivers want to continue the Toyota driving experience. Knowing what to look for when shopping is essential, and with a bit of research, you can purchase a pre-owned Toyota at the best price available.

Shopping around will help to narrow down your selection. Next, visit Kelly Blue Book online to verify the vehicle's value. Other websites are available to estimate a car’s worth, such as CarFax and Car Gurus. Dealerships appreciate an educated consumer, showing that the buyer is serious about purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

A pre-owned Toyota holds68% of its value five years after ownership. With this knowledge, seeking promotional prices is another way to find the best deals. Being informed will help when financing and purchasing.

Which Factor Matters More When Purchasing a Used Car—Age or Mileage?

Many consumers wonder what is more critical when buying a pre-owned vehicle, the model year or mileage. If the vehicle's history report is available with maintenance records, they will include vital information that can impact your decision. Maintenance and care are the answer, not age or mileage. An older model vehicle could have 50,000 miles and be unreliable if maintenance was not a priority.

At the same time, a car with 100,000 or more could have records of frequent maintenance visits for oil changes, tire rotations, and other keeps to the vehicle. That vehicle may go another 20 years and up to 2-300,000 miles, if not more.

Extensive mileage on the vehicle may require repairs every 18 months to two years. The wear and tear on age could mean parts go out every two to three years. How well the previous owner treated the vehicle is the only way to find out. Look for maintenance records and mileage updates for a better perspective.

Five Reasons How Toyota Holds the Best Resale Value Among its Competitors

  • Durable and Long-lasting Engines

Maintenance is essential to a long-lasting engine. Toyota engines have a life span of over 300,000 miles. Even those without consistent care are recorded to go over 200,000 miles. Many Toyotas treated with regular maintenance reach almost 500,000 miles. That speaks for itself.

  • Delivers Great Performance with Extreme Reliability

Toyota trucks handle rough terrain. That is why militaries worldwide use Toyota vehicles. They are proven to offer top performance, and with the recorded mileage on their cars, they are the most reliable.

  • Economical

Buying a pre-owned vehicle is more affordable. Brand-new Toyotas can be costly, but because drivers trade in their cars to experience a new model,  a window of opportunity opens for other consumers to own a high-value, reliable pre-owned vehicle.

  • Offers Long Ownership Periods

As much as first-time owners like to switch things up when trading in their vehicle, many decide to stick with the car once purchased. This proves buyers love their Toyota vehicles, and it keeps the value of the pre-owned vehicle up because the demand for them is more significant than other brand-named vehicles.

  • Availability of Spare Parts is No Longer a Concern

Parts are available for Toyota vehicles of all years and models. If unavailable from the original equipment manufacturer, they are still easy to find from generic alternatives.

Reasons Why a Pre-owned Toyota is a Good Investment!

Let's face it; we buy cars to go from one location to another. Below are reasons why it is a good idea for a buyer to invest in a pre-owned Toyota.

  • Have the Value You Prefer with Safety

Toyota vehicles go a long way with their technology and safety features. The Toyota company places value on keeping the drivers safe along with others on the road in mind. Nothing is more important than keeping the driver and passengers safe.

  • View the Vehicle History Report

The most critical information comes from the vehicle history report. It documents if the car has been in an accident, the number of owners, and the value. It is a tale that tells everything and offers the most valuable details to have when making your purchase decision.

  • Obtain Financing at Favorable Rates and Terms

Agreement terms and rates are essential to understand before signing the contract. Having the right place to finance the pre-owned vehicle is critical to whether or not the buyer leaves with the car. The interest rates are what can make or break the deal. Some places will charge 39%, if not more. The interest between 0-15% is feasible. It also depends on how long the vehicle is financed, which raises the final price. Naturally, the car will be collateral should the payments go into default. Therefore, the buyer must be completely comfortable with the income-to-finance ratio.

  • Ultimately, a Safe and Great Deal

Pre-owned Toyotas offer the safest and best deals when purchased from the right car lot. The investment is worth every penny in buying the vehicle when the buyer considers all they have for their money's worth.

Second Chance Auto: The Best Pre-Owned Dealership in St. George

Imagine shopping for a pre-owned Toyota, but your credit is holding you back. The disappointment can be heartbreaking. Second Chance Auto believes in CREDIT REPAIR. They help consumers improve the quality of their lives by providing a program that assists with improving their credit score while driving an affordable, reliable vehicle.


By contacting Second Chance Auto, they will review everything needed to place you in a pre-owned vehicle. They do not judge based on poor credit but instead follow through with what their name says, "Second Chance."

Second Chance Auto is friendly and easy to work with when you are ready to purchase a pre-owned vehicle. Records show that 99.9% of people shopping at Second Chance Auto drive off in a car from the dealership. Contact them today!

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Tips on Finding a Reliable and Affordable Pre-owned Vehicle!

The key is finding an affordable used vehicle in excellent condition. Because the prior owner has already absorbed much of the vehicle depreciation costs, reliable and affordable used cars are terrific transportation investments.

When maintained, many makes and models outlast their first owners. A subsequent buyer can purchase a vehicle with many drivable years remaining for a fraction of its new-car price.

Here are a few tips that can help you to do that!

Understand How Pre-Owned Cars Are Valued

You must understand how used cars are valued to select the best one for you. Used vehicles generally are valued based on their:

  • Mileage
  • Condition
  • Age
  • Features and accessories

The make, model, and demand also make a difference. You can check websites like Kelley Blue Book to learn the general value of almost any second-hand vehicle.

How to Find a Trusted Pre-Owned Car Dealership

Be sure to research dealerships by checking online customer reviews and the local Better Business Bureau for complaints against the dealership. A dealership warranty is preferred, but many commonly exclude pre-owned vehicles from sales warranties. In rare instances, a manufacturer’s warranty may still be applicable.

Find a Dealer with a Diverse Inventory of Cars

Seek a dealer with a vast selection of well-maintained pre-owned vehicles to find what's best for you. The more extensive the inventory, the better your chances are of getting a bargain.

Seek Fair and Competitive Pricing

Compare prices among local dealerships and online ads for similar models. The more options you have, the greater the potential of finding an affordable and reliable pre-owned car, truck, van, or pickup. Ultimately, a trusted dealership will make the car shopping experience smooth. 

Inspect for Signs of a Collision

Seek a well-maintained pre-owned vehicle without a history of accidents. Many used car dealerships buy vehicles from auctions that may have been involved in a collision or suffered damage from flooding.

It is possible for a car that was in an accident to be in good condition after undergoing repairs and restoration. More likely, such a vehicle has hidden issues that could make it unsafe and costly to maintain.

Examine the Car's History

You can learn a vehicle's history by running its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) through a service like CARFAX. Such services give you the ownership reports and whether or not any accidents have been reported.

You can also contact your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and learn about its ownership history. A state DMV might show that the vehicle had a salvage title due to damage in the past.

Read the Complete Inspection Report

You should look for a dealership that subjects pre-owned vehicles to a thorough inspection. Many will undertake multi-point inspections to identify and correct any mechanical, electrical, or other issues a used car might have. Reading an inspection report will help you identify a good deal on a reliable pre-owned vehicle.

You also should have the opportunity to have a trusted mechanic inspect the vehicle. A dealership unwilling to allow your mechanic to inspect a car might have something to hide.

Top Factors to Check Before Buying a Used Car!

The mechanical condition is always a top priority when shopping for affordable used cars. It is essential to understand the maintenance costs of owning a vehicle and learn whether or not it has any known issues. Run a VIN search to discover if there are any factory recalls issued that should have been addressed. Maintenance costs significantly affect ownership costs.

It is also beneficial to learn the insurance costs for particular models. You may consider a different vehicle if the monthly insurance premiums are high.

Tips on Negotiating the Best Pre-Owned Car Pricing!

A good rule of thumb is never to pay the sticker price for a pre-owned car. Negotiate to receive the lowest selling price possible to get the best value.

Feel free to leave without buying. Nothing helps you to negotiate a better price than walking out the door. That is especially true if the sales staff knows you can go someplace else and buy from a competing dealership.

Plan Your Used Car Purchase

Carefully consider the type of vehicle by identifying particular makes, models, and years that would suit you best.

For example, if you want a compact sedan with good fuel economy, look for a Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion, or a similar vehicle. A full-size pickup might include an F150, Chevy Silverado, or Toyota Tundra as options that you might consider.

Once you identify your preferred vehicles, you can search to see which dealerships might have them in stock. Then you can look at them in person and take a couple out for a test drive to get a good idea of which are viable candidates for your pre-owned purchase.

Consider Online Resources

The internet is a great place to research pre-owned vehicles and particular makes and models. You can learn what vehicles owners love and which ones they detest due to persistent mechanical issues.

Specific years makes, and models might have engines with a strong reputation for lasting a very long time. Others might be more notable for ride quality and comfort. Whatever it is, you should check online resources to investigate the ones that are the best candidates for buying.

You can check sites like Kelley Blue Book to learn the current value of different vehicles. You also can check sites like Edmunds, Motor Trend, and Consumer Reports to get a good overview of how the experts rate other cars and their build and ride quality.

What Makes Second Chance Auto the Best Dealer for Pre-Owned Cars?

At Second Chance Auto, everyone deserves a second chance, no matter their situation. We do more than sell great reliable, clean cars at a fair price.

Our interest rate is highly competitive and ranges from 0 percent to 15 percent, while many others charge between 30 percent and 37 percent. We make it our mission to enable hard-working Utah residents to find and drive great vehicles. We also report all of your timely payments to all of the major credit bureaus so that you can rebuild your credit rating.

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