Buy Here Pay Here St George

At Second Chance Auto we believe that EVERYONE, no matter what their situation may be, deserves a second chance.

We do more than sell great reliable clean cars at fair prices…we are experts; we are the very best, in CREDIT REPAIR. We help good people improve the quality of their lives by providing a program that absolutely can and will help them improve their credit score while driving an affordable reliable vehicle.

99.9% of the “Buy Here-Pay Here” dealers here in Utah only report to the credit bureaus when you miss a payment or when your vehicle is re-possessed. Plus, many charge 30-37% interest. At Second Chance Auto, in most cases interest rates are between 0% and 15%. Not only do many “Buy Here-Pay Here” dealers charge insanely high interest rates, they do nothing to help you improve your credit situation. Here at Second Chance Auto, your on-time payments will be reported to ALL OF THE MAJOR CREDIT BUREAUS each and every time so you can and will improve your credit score.

By so doing, you will qualify for much lower interest rates and save thousands and thousands of dollars over time…upgrade to a nicer newer vehicle or purchase the home of your dreams…improving your credit score will help you improve your quality of life!

One thing we have learned over the years is that when cars break down and need repairs, many people struggle making on-time payments because they are forced to spend money fixing their car rather than making their car payment. Because of that, before we sell a car, each and every one receives an extensive multi point inspection to ensure reliability. We pride ourselves is only selling RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION. Ask to see a “Car Facts” or “Auto Check” on any of our vehicles. Ask us what our mechanics found during their inspections have enjoy the peace of mind that those things were professionally repaired.

Having trouble selling your car? We can help! Because we GUARANTEE FINANCING to everyone REGARDLESS of their credit situation, we can and will sell your car! Simply put, we do what other dealers can’t.

About Thayne Harrison

The best part of Thayne's life is his beautiful wife Annie and his seven children:  Jaden 18, Riley 14, Regan 12, Kaden 10, Maddie and Kellan 8, and Rustin 5.  When he is not at work, you'll likely find him spending time with one of his kids, on a river or stream, with a fly rod in his hands.  His family, including his beautiful wife, absolutely love the fishing, boating, or surfing.  
In addition to owning and operating Second Chance Auto, Thayne Harrison is the President and Founder of The Sales Academy; a national training and marketing firm for the auto industry. The Sales Academy works with the top dealerships in the United States on building and generating customer loyalty. This helps increase sales, to drive customer retention and fuels the bottom line. The Sales Academy’s Virtual Business Development Center is the catalyst that creates improvements in customer loyalty and satisfaction. The Virtual Business Development Center has made and received over 50 million phone calls on behalf of dealers since its inception in 2001.

Thayne has been involved in the automotive industry since he was a teenager selling cars at his first job. He continued his career in various sales management positions while he was going to school at Brigham Young University in Marketing Communications. Upon completion of his degree Thayne accepted a position with HAC group (aka Half-A-Car). Here he was responsible for training auto dealerships in loyalty management and sales strategies. As Thayne worked with the dealerships, he started to see a need for business development and lead management. In 2001 Thayne founded The Sales Academy and developed Virtual Business Development Center to provide targeted marketing and customer loyalty strategies to his clientele. The Sales Academy has become regarded nationally as the “Loyalty Management” giant because of the services it provides.

Thayne has personally trained in hundreds of dealerships both in the U.S and internationally during his career. Thayne has also been asked to speak to many large groups of dealers as an “industry expert” for OEMS such as Ford Motor Company, Lincoln Mercury, Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors of America, and others. Because of Thayne’s focus and passion with targeted marketing and customer loyalty, he has established himself as one of the industry’s leading voices on the subject.